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The Best Remedy for Foot Pain (Morton’s Neuroma) – Dr.Berg

hey guys Dr. Berg here in this video we're going 
to talk about neuroma pain now what is a neuroma   it's basically fibrous tissue that's scar tissue 
that wraps around a nerve at the bottom of your   foot making it very difficult to walk and it's 
usually between to what's called metatarsals which   are the bones in your foot which I will show you 
in just a moment okay so it's a scar tissue that   wraps around the nerve that makes it very painful 
to move your foot or walk on it now what causes   neuroma neuromas or Morton neuromas they don't 
know but I believe it comes from an old injury   which is going to relate to how I'm going to show 
you how to get rid of the pain but I believe this   technique I'm going to show you is the only way 
you're going to knock out pain without drugs and   surgery you want to see I'll show you okay guys 
this is how you do it number one let's pretend she   has pain right here and these are the metatarsals 
these extensions of these toes right through here   okay so usually going to have a neuroma like 
right about here or here maybe right here now   what you're going to do you're going to press on 
the opposite foot that mirrors the image of where   that neuroma is so if it's between this little 
pinky one to mark now between this little toe   and this tail right here you'll press between 
this little toe in this toe on the mirror image   opposite side now when I press on the opposite 
side what you're going to notice it's going to   hurt like hell okay so go light and you can do 
this on yourself if you like pain now just going   you could do this on yourself or get someone else 
to do it but the key is pressing on the opposite   foot no one does this what they're going to do 
is are going to work on where the injury was do   therapy it's going to make it worse especially if 
you got surgery for it it's like a reit Ramah it's   like hitting your thumb over and over again so 
we're going to press on the up to side and you're   going to just massage it and you're going to find 
oh my gosh that's still painful in fact this side   will be more painful than this side when you press 
on it but not normally now go light the first time   okay so you're actually sending a signal up to 
the brain to turn these pain signals off that's   what you're doing so you're working on the nerve 
signals because it's not a feedback loop this foot   is connected to this foot through the spinal 
column okay now here's a little trick what   you want to do the way that you know you found 
the exact spot is to find the point of the most   pain okay so you might want to go up a little bit 
down to the left to the right and you're going to   hit like the epicenter of the pain and then what 
you're going to do is you're going to just stay on   that point and work that and then what you can do 
you can you know ask yourself how is this feeling   now and I like to rate it can being really bad 
zero being no pain and I keep you know kind of   rating the pain it's going to come down down down 
down down till it's at zero it's gone but what   happens is this pain original pain might shift it 
might move over to the left right up or down so   what you do is you just move your finger to the 
opposite or mirroring mirroring that pain and   keep working that out until all the pain is gone 
okay now what's going to happen you're going to   decide it's going to feel really really good okay 
you're going to walk on it and then the next day   you're going to do it again and this might even 
be a little sore so you want to go light at first   until finally over like a week or two when it's 
like really minimal okay this doesn't necessarily   correct the neuroma it gets rid of the pain from 
the neuroma it's a great technique in fact it's the   only technique that I know that'll knock the pain 
out better than any drug or surgery without the   side effects okay so go ahead and attempt this 
at your own risk and put your comments below

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