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Altra Superior 5 Review – How Good are They?

Altra Superior 5 – A Light Flexible Trail Shoe

Oh hello, there.Thank you so much forcoming in and checking out.Our review.My name is Steve Moore and I am the owner ofRun Moore this brick-and-mortar running shoplocated in Westminster Maryland Today we aregoing to be talking about the Altra Superior 5.This comes out in June of 2021.Thesuperior is Altra’s, most low-profileshoe that they make in a road trail.Category This is it, It is a nice light.Low cushion low profile trail shoe, They call this thegrippy trail hugger, and I mean I suppose, Yeah.I agree with that.It is much more flexible.Thansome of the other trail shoes out there, fromAltra or just some of the other ones on the wall.This is a nice bendy shoe if you are looking for.I, always use.The word nimble when I describe thisshoe.The original Superior was my first realAltra trail shoe and I was very excited aboutit At the time I was just sort of getting intotrails.I have always liked running trails butstarted, focusing on my daily training on trails.

Superior altra shoes go low-profile again

I had many Superiors twos, all that good stuff, and I really liked this shoe.We have seen theshoe get less and less bulky throughout the years.It has always been again their most low-profilelow-stack height shoe Still.It did just havea lot going on in their early iterations Ithad.The little extender on the back designedto give you a little more balance if you arecoming downhill, They trimmed that away over theyears and they have made some nice modifications.Not only is it still its most low-profile shoeat, just 21 millimeters of stack height but itis, also just sort of aesthetically to me.It looksjust a little bit less shoe than some of the otherstuff out there.Specifically on the trail line, If you are looking at some stuff like the LonePeak, it just looks like there is a lot.This shoecould almost pass as just an everyday road.Shoe.I talked about sort of the stack height, onthis shoe and just to give just a comparison.

<strong><em>Altra Superior 5</em></strong> Review - How Good are They?

Light, Low Profile and Wide Shoes for Everyday Use

The stack height on the Altra Superiorfive has not changed since the last one.It is just 21 millimeters tall and, if youare looking at another road shoe than it, the Escalante comes in higher at 24mm.It is noticeably lower and I think thatpeople looking for that low minimal profile.Shoewill use this as every day just walking.Shoe.We have customers that come in all the time, thatare in a pair of Superiors.Especially Altra’snewer models that are less shoe, who says “ thisis, just my comfortable everyday walking shoes “.I think, there’s a couple of reasons why Itis very light very nice and wide again it is low profile and has a lower arch profile.If you really were coming in here, looking forthe most minimal shoe that we carry, maybe you do not want to go all the way, toa Vibram or something like that, or there is zeroor some other great shoes out there that make atotally zero profile.

Altra Superior 5: A Trail Running Shoe for the Minimal

Zero drop shoes like Altra.But, totally minimal on the low ground there.This would be the shoe that I would pull for them.I would make sure that I would probably trysomething like an Escalante with thembecause, that is nice and flexible.Still, I certainly would have no problem pullingthis shoe because I see enough people comingin there using this for an everyday shoe.It is specifically geared towards the trail, but it has a nice low arch profile for keepingon the same line as the arch profile.Again.All Superiors have a little bit lower to it, While they really do not have a shoe in theAltra family.That is a trail.Stability shoe mostbrands, do not really have a trail stability shoe.Specifically.If you are, if you really are usingthis as a trail shoe not just your casual everyday or your walking shoe or whatever it may be, if you are just going out and using this on thetrail as it is sort of intended, you are notmaking.

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Altra Superior 5 – A Trail Shoe For Those With A Lower

So much of this same repetitive, motion If you have a lower weaker arch, In that case, you might be putting more pressure on the insideor.Whatever stability issues you may have beengoing on On the trail, you will not feel thatas much because you are on uneven ground Really.When somebody comes in and says Iam wearing a very stable shoe and I wantto transition into the trail would do youthink.This shoe is okay.I really do not havea problem.Putting anybody with any profile.Intoa trail shoe Suppose they are really concernedabout needing some extra support in there a lotof times.In that case, I will say, go two weekswith nothing in this again.If this is your justtrail shoe and see, if you feel you are missingthat support, You can always throw in somethinglike a Super Feet or an Atrex insole.You can addsomething with a bit of arch support to it.Withoutfeeling, you need to go all the way to a higher firmer stability.Shoe that has a trail.

Altra Superior 5 Trail Hiking Shoe Gets Durable Upper

Wrapper.This is going to be your nice nimbly trail-hugging shoe Let us get into a couple little things that havechanged from previous versions.I pulled out thelast version here.These are both ten and a half.They one nice thing with the Superior compared tosome of the other ones.For example the Timpon some people just runs a little bit.Narrowerthis is a nice wide shoe It is also kind offlexible when I first saw the upper on thisshoe.I foolishly at first was: oh it mustbe the same upper on the new Escalante thatso grips a stretchy.You can put your fingerthrough it.You can see your finger get stretchedall over the place.It is not that it looks likeit aesthetically, but it is not.It is a softerupper compared to sort of the upper that was onthe 4 5, It is lighter and it feels thinner, but everything I am told will be moredurable.It is going to be more rugged.It would not make sense to have the stretchyupper that you have in Escalante.Becausethere is a good chance.It could snag on a branch.

Altra Superior 5: A Soft and Loose Upper with a L

This is a softer nicer upper that does not havethe same overlays.It is not going to give youthe same stretch.It still feels nice and loose still going to be plenty of extra widthsand such there.It still has the same sortof lacing pattern, but we did add that top eyehole People that I was curious about would beable to make the marathon loop and such that itis there on five, and it was not there.On the 4.5 The other thing you might notice is that we haveremoved this little piece here and that piece, onboth and really on all Altra shoes is designed.Ifyou wanted to add a gator trap.If.You wanted toput on the little turtleneck for your ankle youclip it here and it goes on.The Velcro back.Here.The Velcro is still there, but we removed that, and that is supposed to just give you a littlemore preference as to where you might put that Ifyou wanted to kind of put it in a different spot.It might give a little bit better fit on the shoeas.

Altra Superior 5 SHoe with Stone Guard Keeps Muffin

Well and that’s sort of one of the things theywere hoping for on this new update.The new upperis just a little bit better fit not any littlebunching here, just a little bit more opportunityfor it to sort of fit and feel good.Around yourshoe around your foot.This shoe comes with afull stitch on one side on your medial side, and then it is gusseted on the lateral side.There.It will try to keep more muffin up, as I call it out of your shoe, so that is by design that isdesigned already without even having a gaitertrap in it.It is designed to kind of keepthings out of your shoe a little bit.More.This is the only Altra shoe that comes witha, removable, stone guard Going back to beforeis talking about having this shoe as an everydayshoe, If you were just using it every day, this comes removable inside the box, It is goingto, come outside the box, You can sort of seeif, you want to add it or not.This was thestone guard that had been in previous Superiors.

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Altra Superior 5 Stone Guard for Running Shoes

This would come outside and you can put itunderneath the insole and give yourself a littlemore protection.This has been sort of the sameone throughout the years They have now updatedit.You can see it has different density levelslike.It is sort of thicker on certain spots.Whereyou might be putting more pressure, It might needa little bit more It is targeted stability or excuse me, targeted perfection, protection, inthe, stone, bar.Just a little bit of updatethere.I just want to draw attention to again: Itdoes, not weigh anything It does not.It is.Not.It will hinder your run at all if you decide toput it in, for your trail stuff.Quite honestly, I do not know why you would just not put it on allthe time.That is just me.I would just slip thatin because it will not make your shoe feel likea big soft squishy shoe compared to a stable shoeby having that in And there is your removablestone guard Altra Superior.

Altra Superior 5 Review – A Grippy and Protective Shoe for

These are two women’scolors that we have up here: Women’s colors, werevery nice, and then there were two of the men’scolors that we would be having here.The pricepoint did j pup a couple: bucks.The old Superior $ 110 Altra bumped this up to $ 120, but really for what it is.It is an awesome trail.Shoe.I would have no problem running in this shoefor 90 minutes or some other type of serioustrail running.I would be okay with this.The nice maxtrac on the outside is great Itis grippy and it is an improvement over the lastset.It is designed to have those grippy lugs.If.You are stepping on something the shoe willbend with you a little bit give you the grip, give you the protection.You are not going to fallon.Your face.You are going to have a happy runall that good jazz.It will provide you withthe protection.It is plenty of cushion to doalmost all your everyday stuff, -maybe, not yourlong weekend stuff.The midsole still is the sameas, the last one.

Altra Superior 5: The Latest Midsole in the Altra Line

This is probably, I guess, oneof the previous versions that Altra will have thequantic midsole.In fact, it does not even reallysay anywhere on the shoe what kind of midsole itis Still.I am just going to guess that it isa quantic midsole.That is what it feels like.That is sort of the way that it kind of performs.It would not shock me if we saw it in a year, thatthis will be replaced with an ego midsolethat.We see in the lone peak Altra isperfecting and adding it to more shoes. -Butdo not hold me to that.It is just my vibe.The.Superior 5 is available on our site.It is available in June.It is $ 120 bucks.If, you go ahead and get it throughour shop use promo code, RunMoore, justone, word two o’s and more, like my name, we willsave ten percent.We will ship it out for free.Please, give us a like and subscribe.It reallyhelps us If you pop over, to check out our reviewon, the Torin 5 that also comes out in June.We are doing a little contest.

Altra shoes: The best for the best running experience

Go over, there drop your favorite Altra shoe in the comments.Wewill send somebody some free goodies from Altra, just some schwag and we will eventhrow in some Run Moore stuff in there.Thank you so much for the support and ifyou have any questions.Please leave themdown below or reach out to us Thanks a lot happy running hope to see you on the trail.Bye..