Foot Conditions and Disorders


Hey guys, I just want to say thank you Hey guys, I just have a quick message for you, and I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my toes out there! So I hope you guys were all very good toes this year. Just about to head out to the family Christmas party. It's been a really exciting year! We're not at the end of the year yet, so I just want to thank you guys for all the support, all the love, it's been an amazing year so far. I can't believe it's only been nine months since I started this channel so I want to again thank all of you for all the help. I couldn't do this without you. Like I said make sure that you guys were good toes this year so you can get some goodies. I'm hoping to have a new year with tons of new videos, new education, a lot of information for you guys to make you guys have happy and healthy feet. The thing that I really want for you guys is to have happy healthy working feet, so I hope that with the year that's coming up I can give you guys all the information you need to really get you guys to a good healthy place.

Thank you guys for all the support, for all the love. Happy holidays. Stay safe! Have fun, cherish each other, and look after those feet for me. Toe Bro, out. TB: So just like last time we're gonna wipe this area down. P: Yeah, it's kind of dirty. I know I couldn't get at it. TB: It's okay. P: My wife doesn't like stuff like that.

So it's nice and big is it? TB: It's a big one today, let's get this focused. P: That's a neat little camera. TB: So on three, just like last time, you push the heels straight down. Don't move the front of the foot just push straight down. Just like that, okay? P: Okay. TB: But you're a tough guy. (laughter) Well then after this you can have a good drink and notfeel anything, okay? I know you like that so here we go on three, one, two, three. TB: I know, oh! No you wanted to run away from me! I held on for dear life! Okay, any pain right now? P: Uhhh… TB: I know. P: Yes. TB: Okay. P: Listen this allopurinol has brought down the gout in both feet, I think. TB: No, for sure. Because the lower your uric acid levels are, P: Yeah. TB: The less you know a little flare-ups we get. Any pain right now? P: No. Colchicine doesn't do it. TB: No, that's just when you have a reaction. P: Yeah. TB: How about now? Any pain? P: Uh, no.

TB: Pain? P: No. TB: Okay, so they didn't give you any date when you're gonna have the joint scraped? P: I haven't had an appointment yet. No. TB: There you go, you get a lollipop! P: How many years did it take you to become a chiropodist? TB: To become a chiropodist, so you need to have a science degree so four years there athen after your science degree it's a postgraduate study of three years.

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P: Wow! TB: The same school my dad went to 30 years ago. So what we're gonna do first is I'm just gonna wipe down this area and then scrape down some of the top layer of this and then scoop out as much of this crap, this chalk. P: Well I had a lot of gout in my heel. When it opens, I continually squeeze the stuff out for about a week. It would build up then I squeezed it out. Then it went away, I guess; I don't remember.

TB: Well, we already got a lot of the chalk it just kind of came right out. P: Did it? TB: Yeah. P: Oh, good. TB: You okay, sir? P: Yes. TB: Now you're acting all tough, huh? No you did really well. So we're just gonna get rid of as much of this skin. Do you still have that antibiotic I gave you last time? P: I have the antibiotic mixed with TB: Cream The analgesic? The numbing? P: Yeah. TB: And how was that? Good? Did you feel any different or not too much? P: Not really. I felt $75 worth. TB: But you still have it? P: Oh, yeah. TB: Okay, we're gonna use it.

Let's see if we can squeeze anything out. Any pain? P: No. TB: A little bit of chalk. Where's a chalkboard; we can write some stuff on it. No pain? P: No. No my daughter really likes it. She goes she has to first catch a train from Brussels, go across the Channel to London, where she takes her course. Then she bought herself, they're always buying things. This time she bought herself a scooter so she can go down the sidewalk. It's legal, you can. TB: You can, uh? P: You can make a lot better time than walking. TB: Well Europe is more made for that stuff than we are. In Mississauga if you had a scooter, ugh! You would have to spend half your day going around. P: I saw a guy today on a small motorcycle, a real small one.

TB: Yeah. P: (?) TB: It is different in other place of the world. P: Yes. TB: Unfortunately here, we pretty much need a car. P: Do you speak other languages? TB: I can speak Spanish and my French is not too bad. P: Hey, terrific! Keep it up! I always appreciate you doing that! TB: Well my mom's you know German family and she was born and raised in Quebec. P: Oh really? TB: Yeah. My grandfather was born in Paris but he was half German so pretty much a German family but she speaks French and as a kid she put me in French school P: A smart woman. TB: and so that's how I learned French and then I had the opportunity to learn Spanish my wife speaks Spanish P: Great! TB: So I wanted to learn so I can communicate with her and our family and in Spanish and that's the French really helped me quite a bit. P: Oh, yeah.

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My son can get along in Spanish, French and I think it's called Sulawesi from, Indonesia. TB: Uh hum. P: Because he spent time over there studying fish. What he did this last year or two, he took his son down to Panama they stayed in a Spanish-speaking house for eight days. And my grandson said I learned way more than going to school. TB: For sure. Conversation is the most important part in any language. You're just learning how to communicate and say those basic things. If you practice with that, it's gonna make a huge difference. P: Do you still practice your Spanish? TB: Yo puedo, hablar espaƱol perfectamente, So I have many clients who come in, they don't even speak English. P: Oh, great! TB: I have a few doctors who refer to me just because they can send their patients here who don't speak English as well. TB: So this one's pretty cleaned out, so we're pretty good.

P: Great! TB: So we'll give you P: Is it cleaned out better than last time? You know last time you said there was some in there. TB: It's always coming out. P: Yeah. TB: Remember the whole joint is full of it so… But we took quite a bit out, nothing in the top surface, so I'm gonna just flush it out. TB: Do you feel any pain? P: No. I want to come back and see you again.

TB: Are you gonna miss me that much, huh? P: You bet. You give good service. TB: Oh, thank you. Thank you, so what we're gonna do is I'm going to put antibiotic cream and then a little dressing on here. Just wrap up, we'll keep this covered and then we come back when you feel that discomfort again. I think you lasted a month or a little bit longer. So we'll see the last time you came in but I think you should be good for a month. P: I'm going to see the orthopedic surgeon. TB: Yeah, because that's the final goal right is that you just get it clean out surgically and then you'll be much better off. P: It's clean at least. TB: Yes. P: I did notice today it was really sore so I guess it was bigger than I thought. With a pustial. TB: So I really went deep today.

P: Great! TB: So that you can leave this on until tomorrow morning, and you should rebandage it. P: Yeah. TB: With the ointment the cream I gave you last time and the bandaid, okay? P: Yeah. TB: And then once it closes up, there's no point dressing it anymore. We dress it until we form a scab, okay? P: Well I find it just keeps the cushion in my shoes. I won't buy new shoes again. TB: Yeah, you stick to extra wide shoes. That's the best thing you can do.

P: Yes. TB: Well you didn't cry too much today so that's pretty good! No, you're a tough guy; you did really well. P: I saw a guy today on a.